Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I want to welcome you to Truth Evangelism's blog! This is something new for me personally, and I hope that it will be a help, encouragement, and a blessing to you the reader.

On this particular blog, I will be covering specific topics and questions that people raise over Christianity in general, but specifically over the English Bible - the Authorized King James Bible. It is my desire to help people to see the arguments given from both sides, and to know and understand the answers to these arguments - from all sides.

It has been said that popularity is much like having a porcupine for a pet; eventually, whether you wish it or not, you are going to get stuck. So this blog may end up being a bit like that...but I certainly hope not! My hope and prayer is that the Lord will use the information given on this blog to be a help to people who read it, and that they will understand the extreme importance to have an absolute biblical authority in the English language - and that authority is the Authorized King James Bible.

God Bless!